Inspiration for Look Momma!  Sun Valley Edition:


Valerie Maguire was inspired to write this, her first children’s book, after reading to a friend’s daughter and finding the books she was reading visually boring and devoid of any learning.


Look Momma, Sun Valley Edition follows a young child and mother through a day of exploring the magical town of Sun Valley, Idaho.


In addition to the darling watercolors, each page has a fun fact about what is discovered that day, so the book is both entertaining and educational.  The original watercolor illustrations were created by Charlotte Long, Valerie’s talented Stepmom.


A Note from the Author:


The last page of the book includes icons of things that one might happen upon throughout a normal day.  I encourage you to foster your little one’s curiosity by researching those “common” things and sharing a factoid about one new thing each time you read the book with your child.

Look Momma! Sun Valley Edition

  • This book is signed by the author. It is a soft-bound book with 21 pages.  It is most suited for children from 3 to 5. The last page includes icons of things you and your little one might see throughout the day and asks the reader to point to all the things they may have discovered that day.