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Inspiration for Strong Like Mom:


From a very young age, Valerie could never figure out why it was perfectly fine for boys to do things that were not perfectly fine for girls to do.  She was the girl who always asked, “But, why can’t I do that too?”


Her lifelong quest to break through nonsensical social norms was the inspiration for this book which encourages young females to move forward with self-confidence and explore all the possibilities of what their lives can be.


The book also pays tribute to Moms whose strength can too often be taken for granted.


A Note from the Author:


When I went to college my friend gave me the Dr. Seuss Book, Oh! The Places You'll Go! Nearly 30 years later, I still have that book and read the note she inscribed in it. It has been a source of inspiration for me throughout my adult life.


In this same spirit my hope is that this book will be given to someone you care about to inspire them to follow their dreams.


I encourage you to write your own special note and give it as a gift just before a big transition like graduating from Elementary or High School or heading off to college.

Strong Like Mom